HDPE Dredging Pipe
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HDPE dredging pipes are the most appropriate replacement to CI pipes and GI pipes in recent times for dredging sector. HDPE pipes are connected with flanges and stub end on both ends and the connection is completed by the use of the gaskets and nuts & bolts. We are one of the largest manufacturer of HDPE dredging pipes which follow ISO 4427 standard by using 100% virgin HDPE compound. We give guarantee of average life of 50 years to the customers under normal working conditions.


Features and Benefits

  • Little handling and installation damage
  • Long and efficient service life
  • wide variety of applications
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used to pump slurries
  • Can be used in exposed locations
  • Lower pumping costs due to low friction losses
  • Several jointing methods based on different areas of applications