Environment Policy

NEL trusts that a fundamental environmental plan designed from a long haul point of view is important to accomplish the sustainable advancement of society. In January 2014, NEL articulated the NEL Environmental Action 2014. This arrangement was extensively modified in December 2014, joining new long haul objectives and worldwide advancement of our natural exercises. Particular exercises toward accomplishment of the arrangement, which sets five particular destinations that consider the different attributes of NEL's business, were propelled in October 2010 and companywide endeavors to accomplish the goals are presently set up. By making yearly surveys of activity things and related numerical targets in light of past exhibitions, NEL means to advance ecological exercises on an ever-more elevated amount.

Our Quality Policy:

Navana Engineering Limited (NEL) is an ISO 9001:14001 certified company and adheres to all procedures and laid down there under. Management attention to ISO standards has been a priuority and each year procedures are reinforced with better coordination facilities and technology abreast with evolving products, processes & customer requirements.

Navana Engineering Limited (NEL) is also ISO 9001:14001 certified, which represents the core set of standards used by organizations for designing and implementing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

Navana Engineering Limited (NEL) achieved The GOLD AWARD from the 29th International Arch of Europe Convention Frankfurt 2016 for maintaining consistent quality of products where 72 countries attended together with leaders from different business fields.

  • Dimensional checking
  • Environmental stress creak resistance
  • Oxidation induction
  • Internal pressure creep rupture test
  • Tensile strength elongation
  • Impact strength and carbon content etc.
  • Reversion
  • Crush resistance
  • Internal co-efficient of friction
  • Melt flow index
  • Density
  • Quality control and quality service is our motto
  • All product are consistent with international standards (BS and ISO standards)
  • All NEL plastic products are thoroughly tested by BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology), BSTI (Bangladesh Standard Testing Institution) and in our central lab.
  • NEL has achieved ISL 9001: 2008 for its top class quality management system.
  • The chemical constitution of the fluid and their effect on uPVC have been thoroughly checked.